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Exploring Womanhood
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Welcome to Exploring Womanhood!
We're women; we're smart and savvy, striving to live up to our potential. We're curious about the world we live in, and we want to make a difference. We cherish the gift of womanhood and most particularly, the ability to look within, push the boundaries of what we know, and enlarge our hearts and minds with the world. Come with us, as we explore our fabulous womanhood . . .

Let's Celebrate the Holidays!

How to Prevent and Deal with Holiday Overeating
I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! As much as we love these special gatherings, there is an invisible line that separates a great celebration from an afternoon of discomfort and regret. Why eat until we feel miserable? Why not enjoy the holiday and still feel good when it's over? Here are great tips from author Michelle May, MD.

Four Basic Principles to Prevent Holidaze
Holidaze can make us cranky, short-tempered, anxious, and depressed. Holidaze is the dark side of the season. So how do we escape holidaze? Here are four tips for keeping holidaze at bay and enjoying the spirit of the season with ease and well-being.

Sew Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt
Making your own Christmas Tree Skirt is simple, and can be done as a project for the whole family to enjoy together.

Liven Your Holiday Baking with Eggnog!
Because eggnog can only be enjoyed a few months out of the year, you may be looking for ways to incorporate it into your holiday baking. This holiday season, give one of these delicious eggnog recipes a try.

Five Easy Holiday Fudge Recipes
If your family loves fudge, make them the kind you know they like, and then have them try one of these recipes too. You might find a new family favorite! Here are five delicious fudge recipes to make your holidays festive.

Creating a Holiday Look - Gold or Silver with a Kiss of Red
Is there a special occasion or a formal get-together in your near-future? Consider some silver or gold sparkle with a "kiss" of red.

Exercise at Christmas Without the Gym
Make exercise part of the fun and keep yourself ticking until it's time to get back to the gym in January. You might enjoy the alternatives so much you'll never go back!

Christmas Countdown ~ We've gathered SEVERAL articles and projects related to Christmas that focus on planning ahead, home decorating, crafts, food and gifts. Check our Christmas Countdown along with a countdown ticker to Christmas Day!

Caroler's Collage Card ~ perfect for your homemade Christmas cards!

5 Scrapbooking Secrets for the Holiday Season ~ Inexpensive tips to add memorable value to your holiday pages

Holiday Beauty: Make Up and Cosmetics Tips
The holiday season is just about here, so now is the time to assess your beauty and skin-care needs.

Expert Beauty Tips To Survive The Holidays In Style
Now matter how frantic your schedule is you can celebrate the holidays in stunning style with these expert beauty tips.

Planning Next Summer's Vegetable Garden
It's never too early to begin planning next summer's vegetable garden. In fact, sales of greenhouses and seed starting supplies usually begin in late December and early January, and by the end of February, most retailers have a variety of seeds for sale on store shelves. Now is the perfect time to be planning your summer vegetable garden!

exploring womanhood

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